Lake Havasu Boat Launches And Marinas

Lake Havasu Boat Launches And Marinas

Lake Havasu Boating marinas also provide services that cater to the needs of the recreational boater. These services include offering gas, boating supplies, snacks, and more.

The Lake Havasu marina is an ideal place where guests will find the boat launch ramp to get their boat on the water. Some marinas also offer out of water boat storage for the off-season. These boating marinas will also have huge parking facilities for boaters and slips where boats can link up while the boaters take care of their personal businesses.

A lot of Lake Havasu boating marinas are privately owned and operated often by clubs like yachting organizations or clubs. They typically charge a fee for ramping your boat and may also require membership fees to belong to the marina. However, when you are a member, you will be able to enjoy the many opportunities these marinas offer like safety courses, boating classes, and much more.

Almost all boating marinas provide boat rentals for people who do not own boats. This is a commendable service for people who don’t have the means and resources to own their own boats – yet. The rental prices they charge are usually quite reasonable and worth it for a fun day on the water for almost everyone, especially guests with families.

All bodies of water will have a ramp and boating marina, and the iconic Lake Havasu is no exception – as a matter of fact, a lot of them will have several marinas to serve many areas along the way. In other places, the marina business can be quite a cutthroat industry as each tries to look for their share of the market from eager boaters. However, because the ramps and marinas really have a limited audience, don’t expect to find any great discounts on gas or ramping fees.

The boating etiquettes when in a Lake Havasu marina is very important to be aware of. When you ramp your boat, you should do it as quickly as you possibly can and then leave the ramp area so others who are waiting to either drop or pick up their boat can take their turn. If there is a line, do not be a pain and “cut” into it. Wait your turn regardless of how impatient you might be. You will get your share of dirty looks and perhaps cuss words if you break this unwritten rule.

Also, when you are tied up at the boating marina, make sure that you are not in the way of traffic and not floating out in the middle of the water, obstructing others to get to a vacant slip. Be mindful of others in the marina and practice safe boating when you are backing out and getting back on the water. A lot of accidents happen in the marina, so pay extra attention to the traffic around you as you are backing out or coming in.

Here are some of the ramps and marinas in Lake Havasu:

Windsor Beach Lake Havasu Boat Launch Ramp

Windsor Beach Boat Launch Ramp is situated a couple of miles north of London bridge on London Bridge Road and Industrial Blvd. This Lake Havasu boat ramp is sitting right around the corner from Campbell Cove RV Park. Windsor Beach has three boat launch ramps.

Lake Havasu Marina Boat Launch Ramp

The Lake Havasu Marina Boat Launch Ramp is situated at 1100 McCulloch Blvd across the London Bridge. They have wet slips for a thousand vessels up to 60 feet, restrooms on the property, and floating ports for transient vessels, among many other facilities and amenities that they have available.

  • Wet slips for 1000 vessels up to 60 feet – subject to availability
  • Marine Pump-out available
  • Restrooms throughout the property
  • Floating docks for transient vessels
  • Ships store
  • Located on the Island off McCulloch Blvd.
  • Full customer service…..just ask and we will do our best to make it happen!

The ramp is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Site Six Lake Havasu Boat Launch Ramp

Site Six is a busy public recreational boating ramp and marina with the only “free” public launch ramp within the city perimeter for motorized watercraft, along with restrooms, courtesy docks, and even a popular fishing pier. To enhance the fishing experience in this marina, a made-made structure was placed under the water to provide habitat and to attract a wide variety of fish species.

Lake Havasu Boating marinas are great oases where guests can stock up on supplies, enjoy an array of services, and gas up your boat for more water fun. Get down on the water and use your local Lake Havasu boating marina as what it is supposed to be – a service to you and everybody else out on the water!

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