Here’s a two-part quiz:

  1. What’s the most popular sportfish in America?
  2. Where’s a top 10 place to catch that fish in the Western U.S.?

If the headline to this post was a dead give-away, you’re right. Lake Havasu was just named by Bassmaster magazine a U.S. Top 100 Best Bass Lake for 2017, ranking within the top ten among Western lakes.

It’s easy to see why. First, it’s all about the bass. No wonder this beefy fish is often nicknamed “hawg,” “lunker,” “rodbender,” or our favorites: “fat mama” and “big daddy” – take your pick.

By one estimate, there are more than 15 million anglers in the U.S. who pursue the largemouth. These avid fishermen spend many hours and a ton of hard-earned money on fancy boats decked out with all the latest electronics. They own dozens of rods and reels and most if not all have hundreds of lures overstuffed into tackle boxes containing spinner baits, crank baits, top water baits, soft plastics and endless types of hooks for every situation an angler can imagine. For fishing gearheads, the tackle is almost as addictive as the fish.

And what a fish it is. The largemouth is a strong fish that can put up a fight unlike any other. They can break the surface of the water and throw your lure at any time. They can wrap you up in the weeds or around a stump and break you off. They can snap your line or break your rod on a whim. They can make you look like a fool or a hero all in the same day. They may not be the biggest but they are the most addictive, according to

Now comes the important part: where to find them? Well we’re particularly partial to Lake Havasu. Bass love it here because of its natural fresh waters, structural contours, and warm climate – all reasons Bassmaster magazine ranks Lake Havasu a top ten lake in the Western division. We’re not talking tiny New England here, we’re talking a top tenner within the entire American West, from the Canadian to Mexican borders.

In fact, in the rankings, Lake Havasu comes in at number eight, well above Lake Mohave (20), Lake Powell (22), and Lake Mead (24).

Book your stay today and enjoy all that Havasu has to offer!

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